DRBF Regional Conference - Doha, Qatar
6-7 November 2012

Fenwick Elliott
Leach Group
Techno Engineering

Supporting Organizations:
UAE Contractor's Association

Introduction to the Dispute Board Process
Session Chair: Christopher Miers
Giovanni di Folco Paper Presentation
Laura Warren Presentation

Dispute Avoidance: A Unique Benefit to Dispute Boards
Session Chair: Murray Armes
Mark Hoyle Presentation Presentation 2
Aisha Nadar Presentation

Roles of the Parties
Session Chair: Paul Taggart
Ehmemmed Ghula Presentation
Nabeel Khokhar Presentation
Simon Delves Presentation

Keynote Address: Knowledge is a Treasure, but Practice is the Key to it
Dr. Minas Khatchadourian Paper

Dispute Boards in the Gulf Region: A Roundtable Discussion
Session Chair: Wayne Clark Presentation
Egypt - Dr. Sherif EL-Haggan
Saudia Arabia - Dr. Nabil Abbas Presentation
UAE - Andy Hewitt
Qatar - Oliver Alexander
Bahrain & Oman - Jamie Kellick

Compare & Contrast: DBs Under Civil Law and Sharia Law
Session Chair: David Savage
Dr Minas Khatchadourian Presentation
Yasemin Cetinel Presentation
Dr Sherif EL-Haggan Paper Presentation

5 Steps for a Successful DB Process
Nicholas Gould Presentation

Avoiding Acrimony: Dispute Avoidance from the Client's Perspective
Session Chair: Murray Armes Presentation
Marc Bryant Presentation

DB Process for Complex Projects: World Cup in South Africa
Ismail Essa Presentation

Dispute Resolution in the Gulf Region
Dr. Imad Al Jamal Presentation

Attendee List